Billing for IPTV, OTT, VOD

With the emerging markets of IPTV & VOD dominating the scenario of future television by establishing new standards and norms of media and content delivery across the nascent realms of online technologies, IPTV has gained a new identity as the future TV. The technological up rise of IPTV has presented umpteen number of challenges in terms of providing solutions for the industry concerned.

As solutions provider for IPTV and VOD services OBS has garnered the requisite technologies to surpass the challenges presented.

  • – Efficient and Higher end automation systems to govern processes and workflows.
  • – Managing Recurring subscription billing services and entitlement management.
  • – Management of a variety of subscription services including IPTV and VOD services.
  • – Enable and integrate with multiple user end recipients and applications pertaining various technologies and devices.
  • – Consumer research and empirical metrics towards custom tailored products and offerings.
  • – Content Management and DRM (Digital Rights Management) .
  • – Digital media management (managing media servers and streaming activities).
  • – Enabling flexibility of operations in functional as well as the customer domains (pricing, subscription offers, tariff, payment modules etc.,)
OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.