Why OBS an Open Source?

Open potentials, Implicit solutions. OBS through open source

OBS, built on Open Source Technology, it is a platform for organizations willing to streamline their subscription business. Open source as a community has opened new horizons and transcended into dimensions of magnanimous proportions that imply vivid potentials, ushering the dawn of a new era.

Minimized Ownership Expenditure : Open source is the outlook that defies the outmoded. It is a signature signifying the future .The future of your business. You know what we mean it’s all about your business. Using open source for productive business processes and purposes has signalled the beginning of a new future. Low implementation costs, greater flexibility in operations\executions facilitating future upgrades, freedom from vendor lock-in and many more possibilities are modelled on open source platforms.

Commercial benefits : Open source software takes much less resources than their commercial counterparts as it does not have any code for licensing, authentication and so they are future proof eliminating obsolescence related perils.

OBS has evolved from the emerging I T techno frame of the future. Modelled on open source technologies, OBS has surpassed the doctrines of proprietary conventions. As solution providers using, SaaS and cloud as leveraging platforms spanning a period of a decade and half, in essence we have developed the pre-requisite domain exclusive solution customizations for monetization and effective Subscription & Recurring revenue management streams so as to cater to the needs of several segments pertaining.

  • – Subscription Management (B2B / B2C)
  • – Prepaid & Post-paid Contract Management
  • – Recurring & One-time Revenue Management
  • – Partner / Affiliate & Settlement Management
  • – Service Entitlement Management
  • – Support Service & Escalation Workflows
  • – Notification workflow
  • – Digital content management (VOD & IPTV)
  • – Payment & Adjustment process
  • – Follow-up & retention work flow Management
  • – Loyalty & Referral Management

We are as a community dedicated in providing top notch higher end services to a wide customer base, as diverse as our solutions transcending into an enterprise capable of providing the best in the industry enabling varied business processes.

With a global presence and being the first to harness open source as a platform, having worked with several system integrators our experience has enabled us to make it our core philosophy to serve you better, on par with the trends and demands of your business.

OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.