OBS is built by a dedicated team of qualified professionals involving correlative disciplines of domains pertaining information technology, business administration, digital media and convergence technologies.

Through a combined experience of over four and a half decades pertaining related disciplines, as a team we have unified the individual strengths and potentials in tandem with the technological advancements and ramifications necessitated by businesses capable of transforming the future.

The facets of technology and businesses of the future are vested in the present day schemes and ideologies geared to drive the trends of the future, as we have acknowledged through years of effort and acquaintance with reference to the demands and challenges of the respective industries owing to our experience with technologies.

Having worked with Enterprise solution providers, Multi National companies & being part of successful roll-out of the solutions for several operators across the globe and having equipped ourselves with higher end logistical and infrastructural mechanisms, we have escalated to the zenith of being solution providers, harnessing open source technologies.

A yearning association and pursuit of open source technologies with extensive reach and over view, spanning half a decade by way of working with open source communities and products we have dedicated ourselves to being part of the trend as solution providers pertaining RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION BILLING ,IPTV & VOD,Cloud Computing & On-Demand businesses using open source technologies.

OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.