Over the top services are delivered directly from the provider to the viewer across an internet or a broadband service, rather than from the providers IPTV network independent of the viewers own ISP.

Media content, VOD(video on demand) and other internet based interactive content is streamed for the purpose of entertainment and other service based activities making it highly popular and familiar with present day television viewer-ship and media consumption scenarios. The concept of interactive content or interactivity based content delivery has further enhanced the service value of OTT services.

Due to high user-end applicability and value based serviceability, OTT services are considered to be one of the most acceptable forms of media delivery models and as such are highly regarded and valued within the gamut of the digital media segments of the entertainment industry.

The ability to access internet based content while being in tuned from within the same user end device with reference to traditional TV has further augmented the growth and potential of OTT services as a major and leading service based industry of the future.

Accessing content from TV and other compatible devices involving mobile phones, tablets gaming consoles and other display devices pave way for several subscriptions, billing & provisioning activities involving huge subscribers, varied business needs & integration with ecosystem partners, giving rise to a variety of business processes that require efficient automated systems and operational procedures. OBS has incorporated to be a billing system of higher-end competency and efficiency for Over the Top segment.

All the billing and the allied activities pertaining billing can be performed dexterously by employing OBS methodology of billing and services delivered efficiently by managing work-flows and processes using flexible and upgradeable technologies capable of meeting the ever changing business challenges concerning the OTT service segments of the subscription based service industry.

    With OBS operators can easily manage

  • Multi device Authorization & support
  • Access content anywhere & anytime
  • Restricting the Concurrency of active content watching & Device registrations
  • Content / Assets security & Encryptions
  • Quality & Location wise pricing & restrictions
  • Pay per usage
  • Integrations with Middleware, CDN, DRM & Streaming server
  • Wallet Integrations with Telco
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.