Precision sensors, precisive monitoring devices and other electromagnetic devices are controlled by a variety of automated devices. The device information collected includes a variety of information and OBS billing modules are capable of processing the information in a way as to interface, infer and manage new revenue prospects and streams.

IOT or the internet of things opened up immeasurable scope and dimensions relating to the domains of the service industry where internet has finally enfolded "things" in providing services of a varied nature relating to automation etc.

The scope is immense in view of the growing potentials of the IOT markets as automation is the buzzword of the present day context and internet can virtually command the world of automation for a variety of applications, providing value added services that involve different segments and domains.

The subscription model of providing services holds relevance on magnanimous notes with the IOT segments of the service markets and as a proven partner of billing and allied services, OBS is capable in dealing with the leading segments of the IOT markets and harnessing the trend in terms of providing services relating the IOT domains.

OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.