Pay TV has gained popularity with the advent of the cable and satellite services globally. Digitization, apart from replacing the analogue methods of TV transmission has also helped transmit many channels across a single band, paving way for varied genre based content and programs. The facility to pay and view different program channels was unheard of before.

Digital television has positioned itself as a subscription based service activity, as multiple channels started operating across the cable TV and satellite networks by many players within the digital TV industry.

The proliferation of cable TV and the use of satellite services extensively by private entertainment and news channels nearly replaced terrestrial broadcasting and have in fact, laid pathways to subscribe and pay model of media consumption scenario the world over, initiating a beehive of activity relating to subscription services.

Digital pay channels offered many services, a variety of media content genre, programs, pricing terms and packages in correspondence to different categories of subscription related models and policies ranging from economy to premium service offers.

The present day VOD (video on demand ) services added further impetus to different content specific pay and watch mode of service options and the need for managing subscription services effectively and efficiently, increased multifold and so is the need for billing and billing related services .

The OBS methodology of catering to billing and billing related services with reference to pay TV is largely applicable in dealing with billing propositions of varied nature as solution provider for subscription service based pay TV industry.

The ability to manage and govern billing and CRM activities assiduously can be widely attributed to the nascent technologies employed in deployment of various integral systems during billing implementations. Customer life cycles, customer satisfaction and CRM as such are a high priority when billing subscribers.

Efficient integration methods can well emphasize and attend to consumer grievances and service related aspects, dealing with customers can be well ordinate and managed by accessing all the factors required in garnering heightened customer satisfaction levels by employing OBS platforms of Subscription Billing & Service provisioning Management.

Billing with OBS can be seamless and optimizing the various procedures of business conduct could be hassle free and easy.

    With OBS operators can easily manage

  • Prepaid & Postpaid Plans
  • Transactional & Subscription based support
  • Voucher based plan bookings & top-ups
  • Notifications for renewals & top-ups
  • Event based Workflow management
  • Mobile payment gateway integrations
  • Integrations with Conditional Access Systems
  • Service level provisioning & Entitlement management
  • Partner credits & management
  • Authorizations & authentications
OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.