VOD or video on demand is the new buzz word for television viewer ship activities, involving the present day TV viewers with different tastes and preferences.

Providing service to different households or individuals involves huge subscribers, subscription bases or On Demand request services where operational management & work flow efficacy assume uttermost significance.

Using OBS (open billing system), successful deployments and implementations involving higher end processes pertaining billing, content security, Meta data information, Transactional based requests, VOD domain based functionalities in terms of integrations and work flows can be handled with minimum errors and efficiency owing to flexible and upgradeable solutions.

Custom solutions that suit a varied nature of client based applications can be incorporated and VOD service providers can seamlessly deliver a variety of services within the gamut of the On Demand segments.

    With OBS operators can easily manage

  • Prepaid & Postpaid Plans
  • Transactional & Subscription based support
  • Voucher based plan bookings & top-ups
  • Meta data for VOD content
  • Categorization of the content based on language & category
  • Notifications for renewals & top-ups
  • Event based Workflow management
  • Mobile payment gateway integrations
  • Integrations with Middleware, DRM, Streaming server & other eco systems
  • Partner credits & management
  • Authorizations & authentications
OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.