E-Commerce has created new and better transactions via the internet and has nearly defined the conduct of businesses pertaining retail markets, online selling banking, etc helping enterprises manage operations that involve customers and suppliers.

The ability to transact, irrespective of place and time involving a multitude of products harnessing the potential of the internet, is indeed a definitive impetus provided to the various businesses of many a hue. Commercial transactions, trading, businesses etc. have to be electronic based by many means today and as a matter of fact, efficiency and pervasiveness is mainly because of the vivid technologies that involve electronics and software applications.

OBS is dexterously efficient , in meeting the needs and catering to the demands of the E-Commerce based markets as it has evolved to be a billing system capable of catering to the subscription based industry, providing solutions and integrations for a wide range of subscription based products and services.

Weather catering to the Business-to-Business domains and the E-Retailer or other domains that involve transactions of a varied nature, Customer engagement is better using OBS owing to superior, agile and flexible work flow patterns that enable various functions related to customers and clients.

OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.