Initialize Intergraph’s effortlessly

Processes and procedures can never be performed without streamlining the different activities or joining the various components instrumental in creating an accord or sync in inferential terms and order. Businesses or organizations can never function or excel in disjointed manner or method. A successful business or an organization indicates order and accord, the way it functions.

Broadly it is all about integration, business integration. Visibility and clarity are the integral elements essential and vital for any business mechanism or system in terms of functionality and administration possible only through well integrated processes and work flows enabling various analytics and inferences for the purpose of policy formulation and execution.

Enhanced and effective communication at all levels and stages, accessing and monitoring different activities involving various functions and departments with a view to facilitate organizational interaction and strategic management comprehensive of all the functional aspects involving several domains and market related activities can be managed with ease when business integration is well orchestrated.

Inconsistencies leading to errors due to improper or out dated integration methods employed could be overcome with OBS model of business integration modules using advanced integration frameworks and increase productivity to greater scales by effectively integrating customer opted services with middle ware & any external systems.

Optimization of resources by way of cost cutting methods and procedures is possible only through deploying higher-end integration systems capable of taking on the challenges fostered by the subscription billing industry.

  • – Provisioning Systems
  • – Network Elements
  • – IPTV Middle ware & VOD Streaming Servers
  • – Self-Care Portals
  • – Payment Gateways
  • – Financial Accounting Systems
  • – CRM / ERP Systems
  • – Logistics
  • – Entitlement Services

OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.