Market Churn Management

Efficient solutions with OBS

Churn stems out of the customer relationship the company shares with. Factors involving billing interactions, consumer disputes, disparities, technical attributes, after sales service modules play a key role in gaining and losing customers.

OBS has acknowledged the various metrics of retaining customers by adhering to global standards of business procedures and processes relating to customer service and the technologies used in service deliverance by means of higher-end technical processes that govern several aspects of consumer behaviour pertaining - billing, efficient automation in terms of authenticity and credibility with reference to changing market scenarios and scalable solutions.

Open source Billing system can minimize churn by adapting to:


  • – Flexible subscription plans & pricing in response to customer or market demand.
  • – Promotional / Discount offerings.
  • – Upgrade & Downgrade of service on customer demand.
  • – Equip operations, finance & call centres with all the relevant information they need to deliver excellent service & for managing customer dispute management.
  • – Work flow engine ensures enhanced synchronization within OBS processes as well between other Eco systems
  • – Providing customers with self-service capabilities that let them manage their own billing plans, Payment options and demographic information – allowing you to provide faster service and Increase customer satisfaction.

Diligently employing Up sell & Cross Sell process

  • – Configure rules pertaining referrals & loyalty based on customer past history & preferences.
  • – Analyse customers past preferences in concurrent modes.
  • – Deploy automation systems to generate notifications on subscription recommendations.
  • – Customer satisfaction service follow-up and retention schemes.
  • – Multi-spherical approach towards customer grievances.

OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.