Product Offerings

Efficient solutions with OBS

When customers sign up or subscribe to a service it’s a long term association towards an everlasting bond of services being provided and accepted or more so an innate agreement between the former and the latter.

The customer always expects the best of the services and the company so does strives to provide the best in the industry on par with its competitors. Various offerings, plans and products dot the horizon right from the customer acquisition process has been initiated.

After the process of acquiring the customer is completed the next level of activity initiating services and the requisite aspects of entitlement services follow suit, billing invoicing and taxation are accordingly addressed, dash boards generated and reporting facilitated. Several other attributes of customer retention strategy formulations, renewals, customer’s services, and grievance re-addressable mechanisms derive extensively from the preceding activities.

All the components of the work flow involving different segments and sub segments in the process of generating customers to that of customer maturity cycle contribute towards new plans and offerings correlating to products services and in turn new customers and new cycles.

With OBS one can effectively manage :

  • – Mobility
  • – Affiliate Management
  • – Prospects & Follow-up
  • – Customer & KYC Management
  • – Subscription Contract Management (Pre-paid & Postpaid)
  • – Service / Plan & Pricing Management
  • – Digital Asset / Digital Asset Group & Pricing Management
  • – Prepaid Card Voucher Management
  • – Multiple Billing cycle & Payment Types
  • – Invoicing & Statement
  • – Receivables / Payables & Adjustments
  • – Revenue Distribution & Recognition
  • – Logistics Management
  • – Customer Care Management
  • – Event Based Notifications
  • – Multi Lingual / Currency
  • – Partner Settlement
  • – Customer Self-care
  • – Dashboard & Reporting

OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.