Revenue Leakage Management

Efficient solutions with OBS

Revenue leakage is one of the key concerns of organizations, which is not limited to size and nature of businesses. Revenue leakage is an element of the core segments of businesses which an enterprise strives to monitor, minimise and curb. A loss incurred implies a profit deferred, irrespective of the proportion.

Revenue loss occurring by way of failed payments inconsistent tracking and inaccurate billing systems procedural inefficiencies, customer prospecting time however miniscule contribute in a major way affecting the revenue management chain.

Effective tracking and billing systems designed and enhanced through emphasis over efficient automation also enabling payment processes, invoicing, Renewals and all relevant notifications pertaining to customers has been an enduring pursuit of OBS.

With OBS companies can overcome the risks associated with manual processing and optimize results using efficient automation.

Automation Process:

  • – Bulk Invoice & Payment Processing.
  • – Ensure clarity: Omission of bills, overlooked data and other aspects of lack of visibility curtailed to a greater scale.
  • – Generate accurate Bills / Statements eliminate errors resulting from inaccurate data and inefficient procedures.
  • – Largely reduce processing time and the associated delays.
  • – Workflow engine ensures enhanced synchronization within OBS processes as well between other Eco systems.
  • – Configurable Renewal automated / User invoked process.

Dunning Process:

  • – Workflow engine ensures un-authorized customers to be de-linked for non-payment of the services rendered.
  • – Enhances continual follow-up methods related to customer service and the personnel involved.
  • – Creates and develops Notifications / alerts for non-payment of bills with regard to the maturity period.
  • – Work flow engine facilitates upgraded / downgrade methods of collection procedures and precision integrated dunning modules.

Reconciliation process to ensure the accuracy of data:

  • – Contracts/Services activated but not billed CPE assigned but not billed.
  • – Payment initiated but confirmation failed (Resend the payment request).
  • – Contracts / Services activated during the period vs Billed.
  • – Comparative process with data of the past months.

OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.