Subscriber Life Cycle Management

Efficient solutions with OBS

What makes a prospect a customer or a subscriber -- not just the need or the necessity for a service but an enterprises zeal and effort into initiating them to be part of their product plans and services, broadly speaking their business.

To enable the transition of acquiring and retaining a customer the subscriber life cycle hosts a multitude of challenges originating from the stages of acquisition to that of a loyal customer.

Aspects relating to products, pricing strategies, customer service, automation pertaining data base management and monitoring, assume utmost significance in retaining the existing and generating new customers.

Owing to intricate and sophisticated nature of subscription business where enormous and complex statistics play a pivotal role governing all the stages of subscription life cycle management ranging from acquire customers, provide services, analyse and interpret the data garnered, generate bills, initiate payment collection and reporting, the emphasis is precision in unison.

To meet the demands and accept the challenges is to synchronize in accord and harness the nascent technologies that can suffice the needs of the future. Billing and payment are fulcrums that leverage profits, deploying the best of the automation and eliminating manual processing, open source Billing system tracks the complete subscriber life cycle pertaining.

Open source Billing system tracks the complete subscriber life cycle as illustrated

  • – Prospect / Acquisition
  • – Service Authorize & Delivery
  • – Bill / Payment
  • – Upgrades / Renewals
  • – Communications
  • – Customer Service
  • – Report & Analyse
  • – Recommend
  • – Follow-Up
  • – Retain

OBS can be custom-built to meet your business needs either in complexity or size.